It’s been so long! (an update)

I don’t know how it happened but all of a sudden it’s been 6 months since my last post, so here is an update!


Hazel is now 8 MONTHS OLD! I hate how quickly these babies grow but she gets more mobile and silly and enjoyable every day. We are so happy to have her in our family and I feel like I’m kind of rocking this mom of two thing. (shameless brag)

Addison is 3 1/2 now and so stinking hilarious. We are cracking up every day lately over all the new Addison-isms. Of course now would be a good time for an Addison quote but of course I can’t think of any…soon though..I promise.

Army wise, Jacob is in the middle of a medical separation that stems from an injury he got during his 09-10 deployment. We don’t have any hard moving dates or anything but it’s looking like the Wheelers will be moving on from army life in about 6ish months. I am equal parts excited and terrified. Army life is the only life I’ve known as a wife and mother, so trying to live out those roles as a civilian kind of freaks me out. I’m excited for the new freedoms and having a lot more time as a family but it’s hard to not hold on to free healthcare and housing with and iron grip. Also, I’ll miss this man in uniform…sigh.


Which means, moving! Again!
You guys we have moved every 6-18 months since we got married almost 5 years ago….doesn’t seem like a ton, but this will be our 6th move together and frankly I’d like to live in a house for longer than a year. Recently we started house hunting around the Ft. Lewis area here in Washington and then realized there isn’t really anything holding us here. After the army, the world is our oyster, so we started talking about moving somewhere with family support. (you folks out there who have grandparents nearby don’t know how good you have it!) Since I see my family every couple months and Jacob hasn’t seen his much at all thanks to military life, his home town won out. Yes my friends, we are heading to Chattanooga, Tennessee!!!


Can I just tell you guys how excited I am?! When I first met Jacob, I had long elaborate day dreams of living in the South. The two times we have visited I feel HARD for Chattanooga and though it is across the country from my family, it isn’t across the globe, and we all survived that situation, so I think we will be fine. My parents love to fly ;)

School wise, I have gone back to school y’all! I started a Surgical Tech program here in Tacoma and will be able to transfer the classes to Chattanooga State after our move. I have become incredibly obsessed with all things anatomy, pathology, and surgery the past few months and I’m pretty sure I gross my husband out on the daily with the disgusting but awesome thing I’ve seen/learned.

So I guess we’ve done a lot for 6 months. I’m going to be honest, I’m pretty impressed because the day to day life of a mom with young kids feels pretty tedious and not all that exciting, so thanks for hanging with me.

If you REALLY want to keep up with me and see a borderline-annoying amount of videos/pictures of my kids, I can follow me on Instagram @arillablog

Oh and sleepwise…..I’m not getting any, in case you were curious


10436249_10152467545833062_5403108707093306006_nLast week I posted this picture to Instagram hoping to capture the product of little sleep, toddler tantrums, 2 days without a shower, and the consistent, nonstop demand that is breastfeeding a newborn. I even gave it a witty caption, “Update from the trenches of mommyhood…”

Funny right?!

At first I saw this picture and thought, man, I look tired.

The next morning though, after 4 straight hours of sleep, my outlook had changed. Amazing what an actual REM cycle can do for a girl, right?

I saw this picture again and realized this is going to be one of those photos I look back on 10 years from now and think, wow, I look so young! and look how tiny my babies are!

20 years from now, I’m sure I’ll say, I wish I knew how fast it would all go by.

I need to not be so critical of myself. These days are fleeting–and so are these three faces.

Someday, I’m going to miss the trenches of mommyhood.


What Happened?

So I obviously failed at blogging while pregnant, but I’m pretty surprised (as I’m sure you are too) that I all of a sudden have all this time and desire to blog again. Why is that? Shouldn’t I be even MORE exhausted now that I have a newborn and an almost-three-year old to keep alive?


The answer is yes. Yes I should be.

But the funny thing about having two kids is just that. There are two. So that whole “sleep when the baby sleeps” thing that everyone tells you about is not only laughable (like it was the first time around) but basically impossible when you have two. SO I guess I’ll just blog while the baby sleeps.

The second thing about having two kids is that you are barricaded at home with no one to talk to (no offense AG) because 1) I’m not as entertaining as Paw Patrol, and 2) No one in there right mind voluntarily goes out of the house with 3 week old and a 3 year old…they just don’t.

With that being said, Hazel graced me with 6 HOURS OF CONTINUOUS SLEEP last night, and in celebration I bring you cute baby pictures. ANd these aren’t just ay cute baby pictures, I’m talking quality, professional, not-from-my-iphone, pictures This is a perfect excuse to go overboard since I’ve made it a rule to only post 2 photos a day on social media. Does this count as social media? I don’t know.

Anyway, I got it together enough to get Hazel to the newborn photographer in the required 7-10 days old window and the results were pretty spectacular:

Hazel_Newborn-28 Hazel_Newborn-12   Hazel_Newborn-17 Hazel_Newborn-21  Hazel_Newborn-34

If you’re in the Tacoma area, check out our photographer Ashley. She is a baby whisperer.